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Free Yoga

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Find Your Fire Yoga just launched a new Meetup group for free yoga in Redmond, WA.  Saturday classes will be outside at Anderson Park when weather permits. Thursday classes will be at Studio B at Bala Yoga in Kirkland.  Donations are accepted and appreciated, but not expected. Thursday classes have a suggested donation of $5, since I have to rent the studio space, but if you cannot afford that right now, please come anyway - you will not be turned away due to lack of funds.  Yoga should be available to everyone, regardless of income.  This group was started to encourage a stronger sense of community and to create more meaningful connections.  Hope to meet you there!



Nicole Scott


About nicole

After 6 years of working as a project manager at an environmental laboratory, I decided I needed a change and obtained an RYT-200 certification to teach yoga.  Although I am still passionate about environmental sustainability, my desire to teach others about self-care and yoga grew stronger.  I had been neglecting myself for years - I was stressed at work, hated my body, and had such a full schedule because saying "no" made me feel like a bad person.  Yoga helped me connect deeper with myself, so that I could be real and raw with those around me.  Yoga showed me how important it is to take care of myself so I could be more present when I am with others.



  • Headbanging at rock concerts

  • Drinking sour beer

  • Traveling

  • Eating all the foods

  • Training to be a future crazy cat lady

  • Zero waste/minimalism (although I need a lot of work!)

  • creating beautiful spaces

  • Learning new musical instruments


Teaching Style


Typically, the classes will be slow flow classes that are good for all levels - so beginner-friendly with optional intermediate/advanced variations.  I will usually start each class with a body scan, move into the asanas (poses), followed by a 5-minute savasana (corpse pose), pranayama (breathing exercises), and a short meditation.  All classes will be outdoors in the park until I can find an indoor location.  Even when I do find an indoor spot, we will likely still have some classes outdoors because being out in nature is very healing.  As someone who has struggled with self-acceptance, my classes are typically less geared towards fitness, and more towards self-love and self-care.  Although yoga can give you that yoga butt, that is not the main purpose of the asanas, it is about connecting with yourself on a deeper level and letting go of all the unhealthy thoughts cluttering your mind.  Some things are not healthy to keep replaying over and over in your head, while other thoughts, like gratitude, should be practiced frequently.





Here are a list of classes I would like to teach in the future.  Most of them require a venue other than the park where kids are playing, so if you have location suggestions/would like to collaborate, please send me an email so we can make it happen!

  • Metal Yoga (because not everyone is into singing bowls)

  • Acro/Partner Yoga

  • Beer/Wine Yoga (sounds like a nice pairing)

  • Yoga in the Woods

  • Art Gallery Yoga

  • Rooftop Yoga